At the Forefront of Life-Saving Innovation

Experience the Future of Comfort and Care at Tanner Spring

Coming soon, we will have life-saving technology throughout our community. Innovation isn’t just a buzzword at our community—it’s our guiding principle.

Get ready to embark on a journey with us as we pioneer groundbreaking AI technology, transcending the mundane and redefining what’s possible.

More than innovation, our AI keeps loved ones safe, offering peace of mind for families.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Resident Well-Being

At Tanner Spring, we will soon be able to analyze nearly 100,000 data points per resident monthly, identifying potential health risks like frailty, cognitive changes, medication interactions, and emotional well-being. This proactive approach will allow us to detect issues early and provide personalized insights to both residents’ families and caregivers, ensuring the best possible care.

Taking all the data points, we can detect potential issues well before they become apparent.

The Tools and Technology We Will Use

By leveraging innovative tools like the smart sleep mat, a customized scale, and a blood pressure monitor, we will be able to confidently and discreetly deliver insights about the resident’s health to our team.

A new standard will soon be available at all Insight Living communities!

Sleep Mat

Sleep Duration & Quality
Sleep Interruptions
Sleep State
Resting Heart Rate
Respiration Changes/Snoring

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure
Heart Rate

Smart Scale

Heart Rate
Body Fat
Bone Mass
Lean Muscle

Fall Detection and Prevention

Beyond fall detection, our technology provides valuable insights into fall patterns. This proactive approach allows us to take preventive measures and keep residents safe.

Fall prevention starts before the fall. Our AI system keeps a watchful eye on resident health, including bone density and sleep patterns, to identify potential fall risks early. This allows our care team to take proactive measures and keep residents safe.

Brain and Body Health

We’re leading the way in advanced health metrics. Dr. Yassi Fatapour, a renowned biomedical engineer from UC Irvine, joined forces with our cutting-edge AI to identify potential health risks before they become problems.

Our AI system analyzes resident data, uncovering trends that might indicate urinary tract infections, bone density decline, or increased frailty. This proactive approach, guided by Dr. Fatapour’s expertise, allows us to take preventive measures and ensure residents remain healthy and independent.

Family Engagement: Social, Emotional, and Mental

Our AI system proactively communicates insights about your loved one’s health and well-being. This proactive approach fosters peace of mind and strengthens the connection between families and residents.

Simply put: you can stay connected with your loved one no matter the time of day.

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